Good and Bad Stuff about Every Total Drama Season (Part 2) - ROTI, AS and PI

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2021.10.18 09:37 WizzyOwO Good and Bad Stuff about Every Total Drama Season (Part 2) - ROTI, AS and PI

I believe that every season has their own good and bad things about them, so I decided to list 10 good and 10 bad things about each season again. This is the 2nd part, and the first part covering the initial 3 seasons can be found here:
Also, I really can't be bothered to do Ridonculous Race, so this is only ROTI, AS and PI. Sorry Ridonculous Race fans.
Total Drama Revenge of the Island
The Good: 1. The 2nd generation cast was a breath of fresh air from the previous cast who needed to take a backseat. 2. The toxic waste gimmick, despite Chris being a literal psycho for running a season with the waste still active, was neat and gave a lot of opportunites for challenges. 3. Speaking of which, some of the challenges this season were really cool, like the Episode 4 Scavenger Hunt and race to stop Heather and the Zepplin. 4. Both newly formed ships in the reason, Zoke and Samkota, were pretty good. 5. Scott and Jo played their roles as villains quite well. Not as well as Heather or Alejandro, but they were a welcome addition to the TD Rogues Gallery of Villains, TM WizzyOwO. 6. Mike and his personalities were always great to see and were really unique. It'd be a shame if that turned to shit in the next season... 7. Commando Zoey. 8. The cameos from the original cast were all great. 9. This is the last season we'll ever get a Chef-themed challenge, and Eat Puke and Be Wary didn't disappoint. 10. Brains vs Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown was the best finale episode aside from Hawaiian Punch, don't @ me.
The Bad: 1. The 13 episode shortening made the season feel a lot more rushed since it gave less time to flesh out the characters, particularly Mike and Zoey liking each other immediately. 2. Staci exists. 3. Lightning as a villian came out of right field, seeing as it was only after Cameron took immunity that he decided to be a dick to everyone. 4. Although Dawn's elimination was a perfect way to set up Scott's manipulation skills, she should've been given more screen time in the 5 episodes she had, since she didn't really do much. 5. The Toxic Rats' losing steak was a bit much. 6. The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean and Dakotazoid. 7. Anne Maria's elimination was dumb since they could've just booted her in the next episode. 8. Lightning's victory felt anticlimactic. 9. The Enchanted Franken-Forest was a pretty boring penultimate episode. 10. Scott literally getting mauled by Fang.
Total Drama All Stars
The Good: 1. The premise for the season is actually quite solid, as well as the teams based on Heroes vs Villains. 2. Most of the casting choices were pretty good from the limited choices. We'll get to that later. 3. Suckers Punched was an enjoyable episode, definitely the best episode of the season. 4. Scott was the MVP of the season. He almost saves the back half from being a trainwreck. 5. Alejandro and Heather finally becoming a couple was nice to see. 6. Izzy's cameo in Suckers Punched was a good cameo. 7. Courtney wasn't a complete bitch this season aside from the episode that shall not be named? You can tell I'm already running out of ideas. 8. Scott was hilarious. I don't care that I already mentioned him, he deserves 2 slots. 9. Gwen and Zoey's friendship was surprisingly enjoyable. 10. Alejandro, despite his new voice actor, was pretty good overall.
The Bad: 1. Again, this season suffers from its limited cast. Many other contestants deserved to be on this season, like Owen, Harold, Leshawna and Brick just to name a few. I understand budgets and all, but at the very least they could've brought back Owen over Sam considering him pocketing food makes sense. 2. Duncan and Courtney's send-offs were equally horrible. 3. I'm in the minority that believes Mal could've been a good concept and definitely could've worked with the right writing. Just read JasperPie's Total Drama All Stars Rewritten. Mal was handled awfully. He caused one elimination (two to an extent), didn't win a challenge and broke some shit. You can't say he's the best villain in Total Drama when everyone else exists. If you happen to think Mal is a good character, please let me know as I've yet to meet a Mal fan. 4. Speaking of which, Mike's MPD and Mal being stopped by a fucking reset button is both offensive and horribly written. 5. Also speaking of which, Zoey was too gullible and handled horribly. I understand she's meant to be the naive indie chick, but they took it way too far. She also godplayed throughout the entirety of the season, which also comes out of nowhere. 6. Gwen stating she kissed Duncan when he was free is complete bullshit and makes Gwen look like a bad person. 7. Sierra...I don't need to explain. 8. Heather deciding to leave behind the bloody IMMUNITY Idol was very out of character and a mediocre way to send her off. 9. Moon Madness, You Regatta Be Kidding Me, The Obstakill Course, Bold and Bootyful and The Final Wreckening. Fuck all of these episodes. 10. Sundae Muddy Sundae. How did Mal get the chart? Why did Courtney even make the chart if she had the majority on her side? Why is nobody aware of Mal's existence? How did Zoey beat Scott in an eating contest? And finally, why the flying fuck is this episode so shit?
Alright, rant over. Now for eveyone's favourite season.
Total Drama Pahkitew Island
The Good: 1. An artificial island was a unique idea that should've been utilised more, but still worked. 2. Shawn was great to watch. 3. So was Jasmine, and their relationship. 4. Samey's revenge on her annoying prick of a sister, I mean Amy, was nice. 5. Dave was genuinely an alright character for the first half of the season. 6. This Is The Pits is a great episode with great development, you can't convince me otherwise. 7. Scarlett Fever was also a good episode, especially Shawn going sicko mode of the Chrisbots. 8. "Me, it's ME! I don't believe in you! NOW PICK UP THE PIG!!!" 9. The Cannon of Shame was actually a cool exit machine. 10. I can't think of anything else good to say about this season, so please leave your ideas in the comments below lol.
The Bad: 1. Chris McLean is more of an asshole in this season than he ever was. In previous seasons, he was alway putting the campers through straining challenges but he actually somewhat cared for them. Here, he just doesn't give a shit when the Final 6 are about to die. 2. Hurl and Go Seek and Lies, Cries and One Big Prize both suck. 3. Dave going from a decent character with relationship goals to a horrible character with sadistic tendencies in the span of 2 episodes. 4. Out of the 14 contestants this season, over half of them I didn't like or didn't care for. The only characters I enjoyed were Shawn, Sky, Jasmine and to an extent, Topher. In fact, my 3 least favourite characters in all of Total Drama are in this season. See if you can name them in the comments! 5. Beardo had a really good audition tape that showed potential, but I guess the writers kinda forgot about that when making the actual season. 6. Even though he wasn't going to win anyway, Max's elimination was complete BS. 7. This season suffers not from the limited episodes or cast, but from the lack of a main villain. I suppose somewhere along the way, they chose Sugar to be the main villain, but she doesn't have the characteristics to really be one so the season struggles to build up a climax. Hell, they could've even had Topher be the main villain where he could suck up to Chris to get unfair advantages although he really wants his job. That would've been much better than Sugar. 8. Chef was screwed, let's move on. 9. Sky was really hard to root for over Shawn since she barely had any development throughout the season. She's not a bad character, she's just bland and pales in comparison to Shawn who actually had character development. 10. Skave.
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