Damn, the Mario movie is looking lit!

2021.10.18 10:14 Lexon2800 Damn, the Mario movie is looking lit!

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2021.10.18 10:14 Pwaol Feels like I'm all over the place, would appreciate advice on where to put my focus.

I have alot of interest in learning CS related stuff, but I'm having a hard time because I feel that I can't focus on one thing.
Background: I am in information systems engineering program, I learn core CS subjects, with some business and finance and project management courses.
Everything about CS excites me, I get excited about finding CS books, my university CS related courses, any CS material that I can find online. But the main problem with me is that I'm always hesitant because my time is limited since doing a degree alone takes most of my focus and time, so I want to pick stuff that are useful for me in the future, and accept the fact that I can't learn it all at once.
For example: I started The Odin Project, reached the end of fundamentals, stopped, started looking at some CS books, found the book "The C Programming Language", got excited since I always wanted to have strong knowledge in C, I started reading. But then I would be like, if I learnt Java, then why not strengthen my knowledge in it, and start reading and trying to make stuff.. And the cycle continues, until I burnout a little, stop for a while, then come back to the cycle, and forget lots of stuff I read/did because I left it.
So I made a list of possible "paths" I could follow, so I can atleast get an idea of where to drop all my excitement and motivation atm into something that I can feel the results from it in the following years:
1) Do web development. (Just focus on TOP and nothing else - The only hesitation here is me getting a low paying job that doesn't represent my four years of university studies, because I've read that web development is the easiest to reach even without degree).
2) Look into CS degrees curriculumns, and fill up all the gaps that my degree misses because I have other courses that are not related to CS. (This way I can graduate with confidence that I have very good CS fundamentals and didn't miss anything).
3) Doing just projects following youtube videos. (I'm not sure if this is efficient, but there's alot of tutorials with projects I can follow and learn from following the video, which could teach me lots of practical skills).
4) Focus on C programming and get my way into Operating systems (I know the theory, but nowhere near the level where I can implement something). (This option is very hard to get into, plus I'm not sure if I can get jobs in this area if I'm not a pure CS student with a really high average anyway..).

Any advice will be really appreciated and taken seriously, thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 10:14 Sissybimboabbey Sissy in need of a sadistic daddy or mommy to force me to become a sissy bimbo slut. Kik sissybimboabbey

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2021.10.18 10:14 MarkMew buli van Aprajafalván

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2021.10.18 10:14 Selenocosmia RE: AETATIS 《重构:阿塔提斯》HD Official Trailer / MOBA / PVP / Anime Game

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2021.10.18 10:14 PhilAdams777 36W 2-Port Fast Charger USB A and Type C PD/QC 3.0 with 50% Off {Expires 10/31} - $7.99

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2021.10.18 10:14 Siete8Siete FoTL Crucible challenge


  1. Log into any Crucible mode
  2. If a player lags (that includes: Melee not registering, ghost bullets, rubber banding melees, crossplayers teleporting everywhere, teleporters and anything that looks like you are playing a game in 2001) you must UNISTALL Destiny 2 for 1 week.
  3. Submit video evidence with the #SaynotoP2P
  4. It's the only way Bungie listens... when players stop playing.
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2021.10.18 10:14 Witty_Kangaroo_4577 Prateek Pareek - Mata bhawani [hindustani classical]

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2021.10.18 10:14 Ice_matti Gg

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2021.10.18 10:14 Jack_Tyln 6 days in, starting to feel awesome.

Today I've been on a high, starting to actually enjoy life again. The last week has been hell, though it did ease up after the first 2 days. I'd been drinking for years and recently escalated with a bender a bottle of bourbon and at least 30 beers in like 4 to 5 days, after coming down of that I started to get physical withdrawal, which I never had before. But I'd been averaging between 10 to 30 drinks a week for the last 2 years really.
It truly scared the shit out of me. I've been in deep denial for a long time, and this really shocked me out of it. Seeing my doctor tomorrow, and going to get started on a recovery plan. But physically I seem to be doing alright now. Much better then I've felt in ages.
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2021.10.18 10:14 jimmyrok9 Brazil Serie A -- Sao Paulo VS Corinthians Paulista (SP) Picks & Game Preview

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2021.10.18 10:14 CryptoonNetwork 🔥 20% Burn Shiba Inu 🔥 Cryptoon Network presents Moon Bears a comedy series with collectable NFT’s that burn $Shib 🐻🌕🚀📺 #BurnShib #Shib #NFT #Cartoon

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2021.10.18 10:14 noimad666 What is the stupidest questiok you have seen asked here?

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2021.10.18 10:14 CoolAsteriod Convert flex into dropdown

I want to make a dropdown of this flexbox such that when I click the content, i.e. "Base1" or "Base2" then the